Hanging on to Fitness and a Few Strands of Hair Through Breast Cancer Treatment

I am a Medical Oncologist, a wife, a mother of 4, runner of 12 marathons training to run my 13th with a goal to qualify for Boston when the diagnosis of breast cancer caused a significant detour in my well-planned life. When I asked for guidance on how to continue to stay fit while receiving treatment, I received blank stares and found little data. While I never intended to be in this experiment, I find myself now generating my own data about fitness through the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. I am writing this in hopes to help others who find themselves in this same situation.


Second Month on Radiation: Training Log Update

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Training and How it Felt

The highlights of this month include the last minute decision to run the Twin Cities 10 Miler with Natalie, two local 5Ks with my brother and finishing the month dressed as Captain Marvel for a Formula Equilibrium workout. These events bring me back to why and how I started running in the first place. It was all about staying fit and healthy and being with people. I had no goals other than to have fun.

Natalie and I at the end of the Twin Cities 10 Miler

My brother and I after finishing the Run For Shelter 5K

Captain Marvel (me) and Elastigirl (my fearless leader Emily)

Running continues to feel better and better. Strength training continues to be my current challenge, again only because of my serratus anterior weakness. I was on predinisone for this for about 3 weeks and tapered completely off by the 1st week in October. Although I am certain that this has been helpful in speeding my recovery from the Parsonage Turner Syndrome, there have been side effects that have been bothersome including sleep difficulties, swelling and weight gain. My sleep is starting to improve and in general I am recovering from all of the side effects.

What Did the Data Show?

My average RHR, HRV and recovery scores seem to be about the same this month compared to last.

Radiation continued every week day until 10/22

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